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Arthroscopy means visualising the interior of human joints through a camera. It consists of the safe insertion of 4 mm camera and instruments at strategic spots to allow surgeons to see and repair damaged tissue.

The main difference between arthroscopy and open joint surgery is that one cuts through less amount of tissue to reach the joint in arthroscopy as compared to the latter. This means less pain and speedier recovery for the patient. An added advantage is that the arthroscope (our camera) magnifies the field of view and allows operating delicately with millimetre precision. Areas of the joint previously inaccessible through open surgery have now become accessible through arthroscopy.

Arthroscopy can be performed nearly on all joints but Knee arthroscopy is the most popular followed by the shoulder. One can also do this procedure for the elbow, ankle, wrist & very recently the hip joint.

The excellent pain service we provide before, during or after the procedure ensures that patients feel minimal discomfort or pain. The mild joint soreness that accompanies arthroscopy is easily managed with simple anti-inflammatory medications.


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