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Joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgery

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which your surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and then replace it with a new metal and plastic joint surface to restore the alignment and painless functioning of your joints.

SSH Joint Replacement Centre has done pioneering work in offering patients state of the art treatment options such as implantation of patient-specific devices, Advanced Joint Replacement Surgery and Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement. Our specially designed surgeries incorporate advanced processes, such as laminar airflows, specialized coating of the walls of the theatre etc., which is antistatic and bacterial and fungal resistant; provides a highly sterile environment essential to avoid post surgery infections. We also have facility for minimally invasive and computer assisted joint-replacement surgery which has substantially increased accuracy of the surgery.

Speciality Surgery include:

  • Total knee replacement surgery
  • Total hip replacement surgery
  • Arthroscopy


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